Top 5 Antivirus Software Programs For Windows XP, Vista And 7

Finding antivirus software that works perfectly with all three versions of Windows is not always easy. These operating system versions have slightly different security needs. And that’s because they differ in features, tools and their in-built security features.

Microsoft Windows 7, for example, is the latest of the three and from reviews and tests shows that it’s one of Microsoft’s best releases. And this is true of Windows XP too which plays well with many antivirus programs – so you won’t have problems running scans, updates and applications on these versions.

But Vista was a rushed operating system release and is one of the worst at working with antivirus software programs. So your choice of software will be crucial to ensure that it’s protected. And there are a number of security programs that supply the necessary protection.

So here’s our pick of the top 5 antivirus software programs for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7 versions. Continue Reading


Anti Spyware Removal & Virus Scan Software

Have you been looking for ways to download high quality anti spyware removal & virus scan software? There are many ways to deal with the problem of malware and viruses attacks on a computer system, and one of the most effective methods for doing this is to download scanning and cleaning program.

They are typically able to provide a free scanning feature for new users to help them determine the amount of errors currently existent on their system. However, the best and most effective PC protection software would require the user to register as a member and pay a small membership signup fee.

1. What Do You Need to Do to Fully Get Rid of All the Possible Spyware, Adware and Virus Infections on your Computer?

The first step is definitely to download a computer virus and malware cleaning and getting it to run a full scan on your system. However, this step will only detect all the errors and show them to you in a summarized report format without quarantining and deleting them.

My own virus and spyware removal software also provides me with a real time protection function capable of detecting and preventing malware from entering my computer as soon as they are detected on incoming files and data packets. This is much better as compared to having to find them through manual scanning before deleting the malware / virus. By then, some important registry files or personal documents may have already been damaged beyond repair.

2. How Do You Find High Quality Anti Spyware Removal & Virus Scan Software?

To make sure that you are downloading legitimate and not fake (or even harmful malware) programs, you will want to first check out on the reputation of the security companies which you are downloading from. This can be done by checking out testimonials and web reviews from experienced users who are currently using them. You can download a copy of the high quality software at my website link below.

Remove Norton Antivirus – Find Out How To Permanently Delete Norton

If you’re finding it difficult to permanently remove Norton antivirus from your computer system then continue to read. Nortons’ software is designed to become your internet protection service and protect from known internet hazards. The software usually contains an antivirus tool, Adware remover, firewall amongst many others.

Norton is definitely one of the most well-known internet protection providers available. However it’s not liked by all as it can be considered difficult to use and/or maintain. One problem that has been evident in my research of the product is many customers are being frustrated by the constant pop-ups, even when browsing safe websites. Furthermore the software is large and is known to slow down performance speeds upon smaller systems. The software also makes it very time consuming to remove fully, hence why this article has been put together. Follow the steps below to completely remove the program from your system.

Delete Norton Antivirus

Norton has many files and folders that come with it upon installation, especially if the program was preinstalled upon purchase. Thus the program can be removed using the Windows add/remove software, but this will only remove the program itself and the immediate programs surrounding it. Other files or folders may not be and could be left on your system, slowing it down. If you would like to know n exactly how to remove it permanently and completely follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly make sure that Norton Antivirus is not running. To do this press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, select Task Manager and then locate the Processes area.
  2. Scroll down the list and locate Norton and single click. Click End Processes.
  3. Find the Start button, and then navigate to the Control Panel.
  4. Click the Uninstall a program icon. If you are using XP or a lower OS then this will be labelled Add/Remove Programs.
  5. Scroll to Norton Antivirus and click the Uninstall button.
  6. The wizard should explain everything clearly, but just make sure you click remove all.
  7. Follow the on screen instructions.
  8. Repeat this process from step 5 onwards for any other Norton software that you are aware is installed on your system.
  9. Restart your computer system.

Ok, the above method works perfectly fine if you know exactly what you’re removing. However if you are unaware of all the traces fo the software on your computer the above process will not work fully. This is most evident inside your Windows registry. However do not attempt to remove these files manually unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Doing so could lead to computer malfunction and corruption. In this case you should opt for a 3rd party solution (such as the Perfect Uninstaller for example) and worst case scenario hire professional help.

Using A Software Alternative To Remove Norton Antivirus

Using the process above can be tricky for certain people and time consuming for others. Mistakes made can be costly to your system so your best option is to opt for a software alternative. There are many available on the web, be sensible and do your research and you’ll come across a number of highly respectable pieces of software. Removing unwanted programs fully at the click of a button!

Getting the Best Antivirus Software – Secure Your Online Presence

Nowadays, only the best antivirus software products are able to detect all threats that are known, identify any potential risks quickly, and remove all malware that might have already been picked up by your computer. They are also able to block malware that might make attempts to get into your computer or laptops using various methods like chat, email, P2P file sharing, external devices, network connections, disks and websites. Most importantly, they should be able to do this in the background, without devouring all of your computer resources that are needed for other things.

Every year, the same antivirus and security products tend to offer the best, but there is always room for change. Here are the best products from current ones that are on the market.

Best Products

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Norton Antivirus and Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus programs are considered best for technological publications and testing facilities. Webroot and Norton are tied for the top spot in the malware removal test, but Bitdefender is not much far behind as well.

As soon as you have installed your protection and cleaned up any threats that already exist, your antivirus will then spend the majority of the time fending off any new attacks. Some products are better at preventing a problem in rooting out malware that has been in your system for a long time. Webroot seems to always score better in blocking new problems.

The best antivirus software must be constantly evolving in order to combat creative shape-shifting malware. In fact, computer viruses are at a pandemic stage. The first nine months of 2011, one software company processed 19.9 million new specimens of malware and still there are computer users who do not use antivirus software. They think that if they are careful where they click, their computer will not be infected, but this is no longer the case.

Many consumers use more than one real-time antivirus program, but that uses too many system resources, often causing conflicts and can even in some cases reduce your protection.

Best Free Programs

The very best antivirus software that is available free is “Avast! Free Antivirus”, as evident from many recent studies. Avast has been improving steadily in rates of detection over the last several years, so now it rates up there with the best. It also has real-time capabilities including email, web, IM, P2P, network shields, boot-time scanning, and a behavior blocker. The newest version 6 also has features including site rating plugins, malware script protection and other situations. This is a FREE program and it does not use up all your resources as well.

Another best antivirus software for free is MS Security Essentials by Microsoft, which has high rates of detection, predominantly for rootkits. It is even more remarkable in having very few “false positives”; doesn’t use many resources and is also good at removing any malware that already exist. It needs very little interaction and it updates and removes threats automatically. Moreover, it doesn’t have any registration, ignoring advertisement or nag screens. It is best to note here that MS Security Essentials needs an authentic copy of Windows to be installed.

What are the predictions for 2013?

Threats to our computer systems and networks are predicted to get more sophisticated in 2013, as hackers become better at what they do, so it is going to be necessary more than ever to have the best antivirus software that you can afford. You may also have a look at the free software that is on the market, if your finances are not in a good shape lately. Lack of money is no longer a reason for not protecting your computer and personal information.

Norton Technical Support and the Reasons for Its Popularity

As Norton antivirus is one of the most trusted antivirus softwares and is used by millions across the world. That is the reason why Norton technical support has also gained a lot of significance over the years. There are a lot of people who live under the misconception that technical support for Norton is nothing but sheer wastage of money. They do not think that anyone could ever require any form of help while using Norton software. But that is far from the truth. There are several problems that users can face while they use this software.

For instance, while installing Norton antivirus, the user might witness problems like inability to install the software, hanging of PC right after installation, other programs malfunctioning post installation, computer booting and rebooting on its own and so on and so forth. Such issues usually arise from configuration problems, compatibility issues and incorrect installation. During such times, if the user does not have a good idea about how the PC and its various software work, he/she will not be able to sort out the problem. So, for all those people who are not familiar with the inner workings of a computer, the Norton tech support is a boon in disguise.

These services are offered by several companies in the United States of America as well as the United Kingdom, whereby they have under their employment, competent as well as technical support engineers who are experts in resolving any problem related to Norton antivirus. The customers will be able to call them at any point in time and tell them about the problems they are facing with their software. The Norton technical support experts can be contacted through the toll free numbers that are displayed on the official websites of the companies. These companies can be found out by searching online and use of keywords such as Norton technical support, Norton antivirus tech support, and Norton antivirus technological support will result in the display of a list of companies which offer such services.

The callers however need a stable internet connection as well as a telephone line to facilitate the resolution of the problem. The services are chargeable but the amount that is charged is quite cost effective as compared to calling a technician to personally reach the site and look after the problem. Moreover, it takes more time for a technician to get to the site and get on with the repairs which results in a lot of wastage of time.

Start With Kaspersky Professional Services to Ensure Quality

There are a lot of different things to think about when considering rolling out a new product or service. Not only does it require the product and staff to be prepared but it also requires that the new methods of marketing and advertising is also ready. Kaspersky Professional Services is going to have many things that they can help companies with.

Security is going to be a number one priority though. They need to ensure that hackers and viruses are not taking over any system. There are many things that they will do onsite or remotely to ensure that the system is safe.

Computer systems can be very complex. They need to be able to do a lot of different tasks quickly and easily. The consumer should have many things that they are going to be concerned about when rolling out the new campaign.

When people are installing software and other things to their computer, they may run into issues with it not wanting to download or giving error messages. Consumers are able to get the help that they need with this because a technician will be able to walk them through these steps. They may be missing one step or have other things running in the background that needs to be turned off temporarily.

Every computer system is going to be different so the tech has to be very educated as to what they should do if something else goes wrong. Their security software could also be blocking an installation of a necessary program because it is trying to download to the computer. There are many settings that can affect how the operation of it works.

A professional is going to be able to deliver advice over the phone, online or at the location that it is needed. Whatever method a person chooses, they are going to be satisfied with the work that gets done. All of the services that are provided are going to help tremendously with the security of these systems.

People will have the advantage of being able to choose which method they want to be billed. They can be billed monthly, quarterly or annually. It is nice that they can pay it all at one time and be done with it. Some companies are not equipped to be able to do this though so they will be able to pay monthly.

Remote consulting technicians will be able to access the system from a different location. They can see what is going on with it and help the company to get their system running smoothly. Everybody has different options that they will consider.

When the staff goes onsite to assist them, it is likely that they were unable to or did not wish to use the remote consulting. Everybody has a different type of system that they will use and some of them are not able to be accessed from someplace else very easily. Training will also be available to the staff so that they will be able to use the systems.

There are going to be many managed solutions that will be available. Each of them are going to be a good choice. Everybody will be able to use the services that will help them and will not have to pay for ones that they are not receiving.

It is important to check out Kaspersky Professional Services to see what is offered. There are many things that will help with security and the way that the system is operating. Everybody will run different programs and using the security software that works the best with them is going to be beneficial.

How to Disable McAfee Firewall

McAfee firewall comes as a built-in component of a few McAfee antivirus programs namely McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2012/11 and McAfee Internet Security etc. McAfee firewall also comes as a standalone program namely McAfee Personal Firewall, McAfee Personal Firewall Plus, and McAfee Internet Security etc. In case you experience a problem with your network or wireless connection, you may think of disabling McAfee firewall. So, here is a free McAfee firewall support guide for you. It will help you easily disable McAfee firewall program.


McAfee Antivirus Plus 2012/11 and McAfee Internet Security

The user interface for these three antivirus programs is quite similar. So, you can easily turn off firewall in whichever of the three programs you are using. Look for the M icon on the desktop or in the system tray. Double-click the icon to open the McAfee antivirus console. The screen that will open now will be anything by the name SecurityCenter, Internet Security, or AntiVirus Plus 2012/11 depending on the type of McAfee program you have.

On the Home screen, you will see the security status of your computer. Look at the third option which is Firewall: On. It indicates that the firewall is turned on. Click the angle sign next to Firewall: On. Click the Settings link on the right hand side. You will see the firewall status. Click the Turn off button. When prompted for a confirmation and action to turn the firewall back on, select a time period from the drop-down arrow. You can select any time period from the given options. If you want to disable the firewall permanently, select Never and then hit the Turn off button. Save the changes and exit the McAfee console.

McAfee Personal Firewall& McAfee Personal Firewall Plus

Look for the M icon in the system tray, right-click on it, and select Personal Firewall from the drop-down options. From Personal Firewall, point the mouse to select Disable. Alternatively, you can double-click the M icon to open the McAfee SecurityCenter console. When in the console, look for Personal Firewall or Personal Firewall+ (depending on your version) in the left hand panel and click it. You will see the status and history of the firewall program. Look at the top where it says ‘Personal Firewall or Personal Firewall Plus is currently protecting your computer. Click here if you want to disable Personal Firewall Plus’. Click on disable, the underlined link. Confirm the action if prompted.

In McAfee Personal Firewall Plus, you can turn off firewall in another way also. Double-click the M icon to open the McAfee SecurityCenter console. Click Internet & Network in the left hand panel and then click Configure. Click the Firewall protection is enabled strip. Click the Off button. When prompted, select a time period to turn the firewall automatically back on and then hit the OK button. You can select Never from the drop-down arrow in case you want to turn off the firewall permanently.

Additional Tips:

You must re-enable firewall after your issue has resolved. Firewall protects your computer from unauthorized access and hackers. Contact a McAfee technical support or McAfee antivirus support service in case firewall doesn’t turn off and cause further issues.