The Inkjet Printer: An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

When it comes to the office or home office, inkjet printers are one of the most useful tools to be had for any small business owner or entrepreneur.

How do they Work?

Inkjet printers use a stream of ink which is sprayed on to the paper. The jet of ink causes tiny drops of ink or spots which come together to make images or text. Color inkjet printers combine the colors in different ways to make up sharp, high definition images and photos with no effort at all.

Benefits for Small Business Owners

Inkjet printers possess many features which benefit the small business and home office:

  • Low cost – This particular form of printer can be purchased for under $200. Cartridges are also reasonably inexpensive.
  • Wireless – With a wireless printer that uses Wi-Fi, many computers can use the same printer, cutting back on costs again for the office.
  • Good all-rounder – the inkjet printer has the ability to print high quality images and text, meaning that the same printer can be used to supply all the printing needs that would be expected of a small business such as documents, graphics, business cards etc.
  • Small size – The compact size of the printers mean that even the smallest of office spaces can accommodate the printer.
  • Multifunction – Scanning, photocopying and faxing are all available functions with the inkjet printer. It is literally a one-stop shop for all business needs, saving on space and money without compromising on functionality for the small business owner.

For the entrepreneur, it is vital that they are able to produce professional looking prints in order to showcase their talents, whether they need text documents or graphic designs. The inkjet printer can meet the demands of many types of businesses from admin based tasks to more specialized design tasks. The low cost aspect of the printer’s make them ideal for fledgling businesses that cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on multiple machines such as printers, fax machines and photocopiers.

Overall Costs

Although the printer’s themselves are cheap, and the ink cartridges do not look expensive at first glance, many people are of the opinion that it can be expensive to keep replacing the cartridges which may not print quite so many pages as one might like for the money that they cost. That being said, compared to the price of laser printers which do not quite provide the same quality of work and are more expensive than the inkjet printer, they are ideal for low to medium sized print orders.

Tips for Saving

There are a number of ways to further reduce the costs of the inkjet printer:

  • Make use of features – Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features effectively will help to save money.
  • Cartridges – There are a number of different options available when it comes to new ink cartridges. Refill packs can be bought or even recycled cartridges. When considering different ink cartridge options it is better to look at the operator’s instructions. Using the wrong kind of cartridges in a printer may break the warranty.
  • Be vigilant – Check and double check all work before printing. Pointless duplicate prints cost money for no reason.

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