Solve 5 Common Wireless Network Problems

Yes, wireless network problems can be annoying when you want to get connected. Nevertheless, wireless network problems can usually be fixed without much fuss. Before you begin to troubleshoot what is wrong with your network. Make sure you have properly setup your network.

1. Unreliability

This is one of the most a common wireless network problems. It can be caused by faulty hardware or thick walls. More often than not this is caused by interference due to wiring in the building or home that doesn’t allow for a particularly strong signal. Also wireless network strength can fluctuate widely from the same area.

The best solution to this wireless network problem is to boost the signal. This can be achieved in a number of ways. Your wireless device may offer a boost option in its package. If not, it might be best to create a boost using your home or building electricity wiring. This is sometimes known as a Homeplug Network. You can find devices these adapters at your local computer store or online.

2. Get Rid of Interference

Wi-Fi rich areas produce a lot of interference. Many routers can be vying for a place on a single channel. So, its best to change the channel to avoid interference. Switching channels can sometimes award the user with a significant boost in wireless performance. You can change the channel in your router and windows settings.

3. My Router Displays Lowers Speeds

In a perfect setting your router would get the maximum speed. However, the spec displayed on the box is achieved in a lab settings. Your speed result is usually and average. So if you have a 54Mbits/sec router. It’s highly doubtful you will see any speeds near to that number. Be happy if you are crushing in the 30Mbits/sec range.

4. My Computer Won’t Connect to the Internet

The best thing to do is to ensure that everything is plugged in properly. Look at your router lights to see if it indicates that a connection is being made with the internet. Also use Windows Network and Sharing Center to check your internet connection. Simply double click the internet icon in your task bar to and choose Network and Sharing Center then choose Manage Wireless Networks. Windows Problems and Solutions option will also provide you with some direction.

5. Slow Online Play

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