4 Most Common Computer Issues and Their Fixes

If you are experiencing computer problems take note that you are not alone. Millions of users around the globe know how it feels to be unconnected with the online world even just for an hour. Sure you scheduled a strict regular PC maintenance and checkup but it is not a guarantee that you can totally avoid any technical error being a regular computer user.

As they all say, knowledge is power and before you will encounter any problem with your PC or to avoid the same PC issue you often run into, here are the top computer problems and their fixes.

Slow Computer

This is probably the number one complaint of all computer users and also the easiest to fix. Most of the time, your PC may have slowed down because of too much data leaving not enough space for your PC to execute commands. To amend this, just delete all unnecessary files. Your PC needs 500 Mb of free space to perform better.

Computer reboots automatically

A computer rebooting itself over and over again is another common problem. To fix it, check the hardware. You may have dirty or defective cooling fan. As the dust accumulates on the fan, this makes your PC to heat up faster, thus to cool itself, the computer reboots automatically. If it is the fan, then a little cleaning will solve the matter. If the fan is fine, then check the cables and make sure that they are attached tightly to your PC.

No or Slow Internet Connection

To speed up your internet, you need to frequently clear your cookies and internet temporary files. In the Windows search temp and press enter to open the temporary files folder. Then select all files and press Delete. Some files may not be deleted especially if they are being used by your Operating System but it is alright. The deleted files are enough to nudge your internet connection faster.

On the other hand if you are having a problem connecting to the internet, make sure that your IP address is correct. Also check if your server or gateway firewalls are not blocking http requests from your PC.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

BSOD is a common issue but it is rather serious. However, in a nutshell, BSOD is a protection mechanism that shuts down computer operations before further damage can occur. Oftentimes, the blue screen of death is caused by a hardware driver issue and a reboot can solve it. Unfortunately, sometimes more troubleshooting is needed to diagnose the problem and correct it.

There are still many computer issues that you may experience as a regular computer user, if you think that you know how to solve them then go ahead. Otherwise you need professional PC technical support to diagnose, analyze and solve these issues immediately.

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