Protect Your Computer From Attack

Your computer is a waiting playground for viruses and malicious malware. The controllers of these evil entities would like nothing more than to get inside the confines of your hard drive and take over your domain. The virus creators are lurking in the shadows waiting for their chance to infiltrate your encampment.

You must protect your computer from attack by these evil entities. In order to protect your system and keep your computer running like it should you are going to need to have a firewall in place. A firewall will prevent a lot of the intruders. There will be some persistent threats that will find a way around your firewall, but for the most part you will be protected as long as your firewall is enabled and running.

Antivirus software was created to detect and capture any threats that make it past your firewall. The antivirus software that you have will keep threatening programs that slip past your firewall from doing harm to your system.

You can also surf the web responsibly and stop a lot of these threats from occurring. Your biggest chance of getting a virus will occur when you are downloading a game, a song, or a video. You have to make sure that a download is safe and free of viruses before you accept it on your computer.

Shareware web sites have more malware infections than almost any other web site has. Shareware happens when average people are allowed to upload video, music content, software applications, and movies, to a server for other people to come and download for no charge. These sites are very popular with music lovers because they can make CDs of their favorite music and not have to pay for the download.

The shareware sites are also a favorite place for malware distributors. All they have to do is get you to download the content that has their bug in it and they are inside your computer. You need to stay away from shareware sites.

Porn sites have the highest concentration of viruses of any other type of website. You can almost guarantee that when you visit a porn site you are going to find something ugly lurking in the shadows. Your best bet is to avoid porn sites completely.

When you have done a lot of surfing makes sure you run a full system scan with your antivirus to detect anything that might have followed you home.

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