Laptop Cleaning Procedures

Laptops offer a level of mobility that standard computers cannot provide. This mobility often results in the accumulation of dust and dirt as the laptop travels from place to place. Taking the time to clean your laptop properly may help keep it running smoothly while keeping it free of fingerprints, smudges and other debris. Turn off your laptop and remove the power cord before starting the cleaning process.


  • The approach you take for cleaning the laptop display depends on your personal preference. You can use specialized screen cleaning solution, cleansing wipes or sprays. Alternatively, you can use plain water to clean the screen. Regardless of what solution you choose, do not spray the screen directly. Instead dampen a lint-free cloth, but do not allow the cloth to become saturated. Then, use the cloth to wipe the monitor to remove the dust, smudges and other dirt from the screen. Use gentle pressure only to avoid damaging the screen components. Do not allow liquid to pool because this can result in damage.


  • The accumulation of dirt and other debris, such as food particles, can cause your keyboard to malfunction. Canned air can remove debris from between and beneath the keys. Use short gentle bursts to avoid damaging the keys and to avoid the release of chemicals and condensation from within the can. A damp cloth can remove dirt and stickiness from the tops of the keys, but saturating the cloth may allow liquid to pool on the keys, damaging the internal components.

Laptop Exterior Cover

  • Cleaning the exterior cover of your laptop can keep it looking new. Wipe the cover with a damp cloth. Do not saturate the cloth because this may allow water to pool and damage the interior components. You can use rubbing alcohol to remove stubborn dirt and grime, but refer to the owner’s manual to confirm that this will not damage the cover. Use a second cloth to dry the laptop completely. Then use canned air to clean the air vents and other crevices. Hold the can upright to prevent the escape of chemicals or condensation.


  • Taking certain preventive steps may keep your laptop clean and functioning properly. Cigarette smoke can build up over time, forming a dirty film that clouds the display. Eating around your laptop may result in the accumulation of crumbs on the keyboard. Drinking around your laptop may result in a spill that can cause permanent damage if the liquid seeps into the internal electrical components. It is best not to smoke, eat or drink around your laptop. In addition, it is best to use a protective carrying case when traveling with your laptop.

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