How to Uninstall Mcafee Security Center and Remove Mcafee Components Completely

McAfee Security Center and other security programs such as Norton are very difficult to remove completely from computers. Even if you have uninstalled it from your computer, it’s components remain in the installation folders.

What is worse, when you try to install latest version of Mcafee or other antivirus in your computer, it says you haven’t uninstalled the Mcafee and can not install other programs. That really drives people mad.

How can we completely get rid of it? I researched and found a very easy way which can remove Mcafee completely. Before I tell you how to remove it, I will explain the reason of this error. When you uninstall Mcafee, some keys of Mcafee still remain in registry. Or some registry keys are damaged because of some illegal operations from Mcafee. Those are the factors which cause the problem.

So we not only need to uninstall it, but also remove those keys from your registry and fix other registry keys. Now let me tell you how to remove Mcafee Security Center manually.

1. Go to Control Panel and uninstall Mcafee Security Center. If you can not uninstall it in the Control Panel, do the following the steps.
2. Restart the computer and press F8. You will enter Safe Mode. Find the location of the Mcafee and delete the folder completely! Keep in mind that you need to remove all the files in that folder.
3. Click Start-Run and enter “regedit” to open Registry Editor. Search [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-SOFTWARE-Microsoft-windows-CurrentVersion-Uninstall] for the icon of Mcafee.
4. Right-click the icon and click “Delete”. Then delete the key and all the subkeys under the icon. Restart the computer.

This method works generally. After you complete the steps above, you need to fix other damaged registry keys and optimize your computer. If you still can not remove it, you can find a uninstall software to help you.

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