Try Microsoft Antivirus Software For Help Fending Off Viruses

There are a few people in the world of computing that have an axe to grind against the world. They have used viruses to create havoc throughout computerdom. These viruses are small computer programs designed by those individuals who have a penchant to bring destruction to other peoples business through their computers. Microsoft antivirus software has been developed by the computer giant to aid in the battle.

A virus can cause corruption to various programs or even remove some important data from your computer. Some viruses even are designed to enter your e-mail program and send similarly damaging viruses to the computers of your friends listed in your contact folder. Viruses come in all sorts of camouflaged ways through downloads from the Internet, greeting cards, or even the sharing of your photo files.

Microsoft antivirus software is located at Microsoft’s website and is listed as Microsoft Security Essentials. It is a free download that Microsoft has developed for anyone to install on his or her computer. It is relatively easy to use and helps in keeping your computer updated with the latest antivirus tools needed to fight cyber enemies.

When you download Microsoft Security Essentials be sure you have disabled any other antivirus programs that are on your computer. If both types of antivirus programs are working it will impact the speed of your computer and could cause some problems for the operations of other programs.

The anti-malware service protects computers that are using properly licensed copies of the popular Windows XP, Windows Vista, and the new Windows 7 programs. The basic level protection provided by Microsoft Security Essentials does well for those computers in parts of the world that normally do not purchase security software. The program has gained a lot of popularity because it quietly runs in the background and does not use a lot of memory in its operations.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that Microsoft Security Essentials is not meant to take the place of high security software. There is still a need for Web protection, antispam, protection of the user’s identity, and firewall protection. Companies like McAfee, Sophos, and Symantec who provide excellent antivirus software can appreciate the help from Microsoft, but they still have a viable product to offer to the computing public.

Microsoft antivirus software has produced a real helper with Security Essentials, but it is not the end all for protection. It is a basic plan to get people use to the idea that there is some real danger to their systems lurking through everyday use of their computers.

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