How to Fix Your Wireless Network Connection

You are probably familiar with all those drop outs that you have when you are using wireless network. Sometimes its our ISP’s fault and sometimes its our router’s fault. In this article we will discuss how to minimize those problems. A total elimination is almost impossible since wireless network is basically wireless and problems will always occur.

Limited connectivity
One of the reasons you could limited connectivity if you might be using a wrong WEP, WAP or WAP2 key. Just double check that and make sure the right key is entered. You may also encounter this problem if you have improperly setup your wireless network connection. Try entering your IP address, default gateway and DNS servers manually and see if it works. If it doesn’t work try automatic settings.

More than one computer
Often, when you more than one computer, you will have more problems than usual. When two computers are using the same network, they both have separate but similar network IP addresses. It also depends on whether you’re using DHCP server or static IP addresses. Using static IP address will likely lead to fewer problems.

Every time you connect to your wireless network, the router assigns each computer different IP addresses. It will never assign same IP addresses because IP address conflict will occur. However, sometimes you might accidentally set same IP address for both computers. Double check this and make sure they’re both using different IP address.

Wireless network is unavailable
Oh my god. This error keeps coming up even though I’m freely using the network on my laptop or mobile phone. Ridiculous message and I hate it. But it doesn’t mean you have the actual connection. So check that your network is broadcasting and then try connecting. Still doesn’t work? Plug the network adapter out and restart your computer and try again.

No luck?
Try setting up your network again or repeating some things you did before. Sometimes it helps.

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