Best Antivirus Software – Finding Protection You Need

There was a time that the only function antivirus software programs were designed to perform was to protect one product – the personal home computer. That purpose is long gone for most of the world. However, there are still some people who only use a PC and have older, slower models. To claim that there is only one “Best Antivirus Software” program is to ignore the fact that every household has individual needs, usage, installed applications and IT products. Before deciding to buy antivirus software, take a minute to review what protection is available on the market today.

Independent Product Reviewers

There are several professional reviewers that do independent testing, followed by giving IT products a rank and approval code. There are two professional organizations that reviewers rely on for their test reports – AV-Comparatives and Virus Bulletin. In addition, independent IT magazines hire reviewers who use various products and combine their experience with that of the test reports from the professionals.

In the field of antivirus software, the organization known as AV-Comparatives is the most respected and trustworthy. This company is sought out by antivirus developers to test their products before they are placed on the open market. If AV-Comparatives find that particular software passes their tests, they issue an official certification. They issue free reports with the results on a regular basis.

Virus Bulletin primarily tests for Malware and Phishing protection. This organization issues newsletters with the results of their testing.

Both companies test various protection delivery systems, such as Windows, Mac, Mobile devices, Integrated [television, smart phones, gaming systems, etc., that connect through one main server] Commercial and Multiple PC networks.

In the final analysis, both organizations issue lists of the highest ranked programs and refer the collection as the best antivirus software of a specific year.

Three Common Phrases to Understand

When you decide to buy antivirus software, you can’t help but notice that each product lists key descriptive claims about its program. Here are some of the phrases that you might want to research more thoroughly before you buy.

· Virus definition information – some software programs depend on offsite servers, such as Cloud, to alert and update that the software virus program in their product and only receive and transmit the new protective data to your program when you are online. This means that malware could infect your computer while you are offline and it will not be blocked or removed until you log onto the web again. Others are alerted by a bulk notification from offsite servers and update your software protection immediately.

· Low-impact/footprint on PCs – If you have an older PC [with Windows 98 Professional, for example], this indicates that the software is less likely to make your computer slower.

· Can be used with other antivirus programs – This can be a very deceiving statement, since it may indicate that the software works well with company A, B, F, but is not compatible with C, D, E. It is important to dig deeper and make sure it is compatible with programs that you might already be using on other devices – iPhone or Smartphone, Wii or another interactive gaming program, etc.

Even the best antivirus software of 2010 may be ineffective this year. If you take the time to investigate the most recent programs offered before you buy antivirus software, you may result in finding a product that works on all your various devices instead of spending money on one program for each device.

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